"Her messages will make you laugh...move you to tears...and leave you inspired in your faith..."


An Inspirational Speaker

As an inspirational speaker, Karen Knight encourages, uplifts and motivates hundreds of women from across the country in their walk with the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Using storytelling, music and laughter, Karen’s Women’s Ministry Speaking Topics are perfect for a banquet, tea, Church evening Concert, or special event.  These topics are usually 45 minutes in length and can be shortened or lengthened as needed

Her topics include:
- Heavenly Fashion Tips for Today's Women
- Turning Your Stressing Into Blessing
- Never the Same Again: (Changed by a Touch)
- A Day in the Life of Noah's Wife: (Faith for Life's Stormy Days)
- Lessons from Jars
- The Courage to Stand
- Thirsty No More

Christmas Choices:
- The Three Wise Women of Christmas
- The Unopened Gift
- The Gift of the Shepherdess