Thoughts on Trusting God from Karen

Based on Proverbs 3:5, Karen shares thoughts for Christian Women about trust.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart…in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths…


“When possible make a legal U turn”...those instructions came from the disembodied voice of “Matilda”, my GPS.  I had never traveled to this city before and I was nervous about being on time for my speaking engagement.  I glanced at my watch and wondered if the arrival time listed on the GPS was correct because it seemed that “Matilda” was taking me through the most confusing route imaginable to get to my destination!  As I wound my way through the unfamiliar city, I thought about my dependence on “Matilda” and my response to her.   When her voice said “prepare to turn right” I never questioned the wisdom, I just followed the directions and did something that I rarely do in this complicated world.  I trusted without question.  

After my trip was over, I paused to think about that.  I would like to say that I fully trust God that way:  every turn, every step, even every “U turn” when I hear His voice whisper in my ear.  But the truth is, even though I know the power and presence of God in my life, I often turn off that voice wondering if my own way is just as good.  It never is.  When God says that He will direct our paths, He can be trusted to keep us on the right road as long as we let Him lead the way.   Acknowledging Him is not as easy as just listening to His directions. It means that we must fully trust without doubting or trying to find a better route in our own power.  As certain as I am of satellite guidance, I know with greater certainty that God’s plans for me are more secure and more trustworthy.

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