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I didn't think I could manage the role of Naomi in the PA Iron Bridge Theater's recent production of RUTH. The script was from Sight & Sound so I knew that it would be thought provoking and meaningful. And it was, especially for someone like me who was still struggling with the loss of my amazing husband, my best friend. But as I learned the truth in those lines, and felt the caring from the wonderful people surrounding me in the cast, I realized that redemption, and the process of "going on" when it seems impossible really does come from God straight into our hearts. He gently pushes us to deal with the pain and to trust HIM to give us strength to go on when the way is hard to find. So Naomi found her redemption and I am learning to find that for myself. I pray that whatever you are struggling with today, you will learn to trust God and see what God will do!

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