April 2023

On PRAISE! from Karen

Based on Psalm 138:1 Karen's experiences in a foreign land encourages our hearts for true worship!

Psalm 138:1:  I will praise you, LORD, with all my heart…

Eager faces greeted us as we stepped down from the bus in front of a mission church in Peru. Smallest and poorest in town, the church was nevertheless filled to capacity with enthusiastic people of all ages who wanted to hear the visiting Americans talk about Jesus.  The children especially captivated my heart as they lined up for hugs and candy.   The service began and I wondered how our team, most of whom spoke no Spanish, would ever be able to adequately communicate  so that people would understand the depth of the Father’s love for them and the great sacrifice of Jesus.


The interpreter was quick in her translations of the scriptures, announcements and other parts of the service, but I wondered how my music would manage to touch hearts when they couldn’t understand the words.  There would be no translation possible within the song.  


As I prayed and asked the Lord to bless my efforts, I remembered what my grandmother had said to me when I first started singing.  I could almost hear her voice saying, “Child, just sing from your heart to theirs.”  Her advice had always kept me mindful that music makes connection with hearts when our only intent is to praise Him and lead others in worship.  


The accompanist began the introduction to my song.  As I faced those beautiful people, I could feel the Lord pouring out His love to them through the notes of the music and the joy in my heart.   Tears flowed freely as we each felt His power, love and grace in our own ways.  We were praising with all our hearts that day in Peru and language barriers just didn’t matter.  It is the same today as we connect with others in our own churches.  If your heart is full of praise, your song will always communicate Jesus

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