Story of John Newton's life in two parts as dramatized from Karen's script by UNSHACKLED.org

Have you ever wondered how the song "Amazing Grace" came to be? The story produced by UNSHACKLED on the life of John Newton will answer that question! When I was assigned to write a drama script of his life, I knew I had my work cut out for me! Writing about a sailor whose life was anything but saintly who came to Christ through amazing dire circumstance and then fought the fight to free the very slaves he had spent much of his life trading was a daunting task! His story is heartwarming, as exciting as a pirate story and as meaningful as the grace he experienced through his conversion to Christ. It's told in two parts on UNSHACKLED. The actors you will hear are top notch, and the dramatic production of the script will inspire you! If you are searching for some inspiration for your life today, go to UNSHACKLED. org and search for JOHN NEWTON part 1&2. I hope it will capture your spirit as it did mine! Karen

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