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Then we travel the Holy Land

Travel with us to Jerusalem

Mary's Well
Other Options for Faith Based Travel
Karen can enhance your tour in many ways including teaching and leading worship:
Travel Tour Bible Studies
Following the Footsteps of the Faithful -
  • a customized study by region of both Biblical and Modern people of faith
Travel Tour Inspirational Talks/Seminars
And they Sang ... and They Danced
  • a look at the uses of music in the ancient and Biblical world
Lessons from a Shepherd's Heart
  • Insights into David and the Psalms
Evening Songs
Short sessions of inspirational stories, scriptures, and hymns make Evening Songs a great way to end the day with encouragement and inspiration and worship.
Evening Songs are perfect for a light 'after dinner' event, an enhancement to a group meeting, or just a relaxing end-of-day option.
Based around the physical location of the group each evening, Evening Songs will add to the faith building experience of travel.

Karen is available to accompany tours to lead worship moments with both music and drama for Faith Based travel experiences. 

Whether your group is planning to visit Israel, Turkey, Greece, or Egypt, or if they are going to explore places in Europe or the United States, Karen's dramas and music can  make your trip a truly memorable one.       

For complete details on including Karen for your individual tours, use our Contact Page

This is your invitation to join Karen and Cindi Brodhecker of Priscilla Women's Tours for the Trip of a Lifetime!  Feb. 26- Mar 7, 2013 will be a tour that you will never forget! It is open to everyone who has ever yearned to experience ISRAEL.  Join us and allow your heart to be moved and your faith to be uplifted by the beautiful Holy Land and its people!  Enjoy a relaxing and inspiring Tour and worship the Lord as never before!  Karen will be performing special costumed dramas and concerts throughout the tour to make this experience unforgettable! 
Make your plans now to join us.  
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